Today’s professionals are expected to be engaging, comfortable and confident, whether in a virtual environment, in front of a live audience or a camera.

We’ll show you how to:

  • Enhance your on camera skills for virtual and broadcast environments
  • Enhance your public speaking and presentation skills through the art of storytelling
  • Use a teleprompter like a pro
  • Field difficult questions/requests
  • Phrase your language so that it’s in line with corporate messaging
  • Develop the skills to give a media interview that will make your company proud

Half Day and Full Day Workshops (small/large group) * One-on-One Coaching


Keeping the Comms Team on Target

Every business faces the challenge of clearly, concisely and consistently communicating its message.  Companies turn to their communications team to keep the brand on message. But who’s making sure the comms team stays on target?  We’re so glad you asked!

Lorelle Media is expert at showing your team how to:

  • Flesh out your story and refine your message 
  • Define your audience(s) and communicate accordingly
  • Turn corporate speak into normal people speak
  • Turn government speak into something resembling English
  • Understand the media landscape and how to avoid land mines 
  • Embrace and understand the importance of communicating an authentic, consistent message to internal and external audiences


From the C-Suite to the rank and file…

Connecting with her audience is what Linda Lorelle does best

She isn’t afraid to let people in — to share scars still healing, to inspire through lessons learned, to galvanize your audience into action.  They’ll be riveted during her Keynote, “The Backstory: A Journalist’s Journey of Loss & Transformation”.  Linda owns her story…and shows you how to own yours.   

​The Stanford and University of Missouri-Columbia graduate, is also a highly skilled emcee and moderator who knows how to navigate the twists and turns of any live event, panel discussion and audience Q&A.  This is where the journalist in her really kicks in!   Able to handle programs and discussions of every size, subject matter and format, Linda shines in this arena.


It’s not about the Message…It’s about the Story.

Connect your StorY

to your Product/Service

to your Results

  • Compelling original video content for corporations and non-profits
  • Internal and external ​distribution (web/broadcast)
  • Short and long-form documentary
  • Marketing, PSA, Sizzle Reel
The CEO, Executive Producer & Chief Storyteller of Lorelle Media is an Emmy and Gracie award-winning broadcast journalist. 



So your company has ventured into podcasting — or it’s about to — and it seems simple enough.  Only it’s not.  That is, not if you want to attract your audience and keep them coming back for more. That’s where we come in.  Lorelle Media will show you how to: 

  • Identify and craft the story you want to tell
  • Create dynamic content your audience actually wants to hear
  • Make your message memorable and integrate it into your podcast
  • Provide post-podcast opportunities for audience engagement                  
  • Promote your brand without using a sledge hammer  
  • Our Secret Sauce + Your Corporate Brand = Your Podcast with Purpose


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